Ways to Help

Join our team! Volunteers are needed to love, feed, teach, play, and garden. We also need organizers, builders, and fundraisers.  You can lend a hand.

  • Our volunteers are engaged in projects that involve frequent trips to Haiti to help us support our girls at the Reveil Matinal Orphanage in Port au Prince.

  • In Baja California Sur, Mexico we have partnered with Tu Hogar en El Cardonal A.C, a non-profit supporting the health and education needs in their rural community.

  • Hearthstone volunteers also help with program development and fundraisers throughout the year in Northern California.

  • Financial donations are also an important way to contribute to our projects.

Contact us to learn more about volunteering, or click below make an online donation today!

Our  volunteer handbook  is available to prepare travelers for their trip to Haiti.

Our volunteer handbook is available to prepare travelers for their trip to Haiti.

What Our Volunteers Have to Say

"Thank you for your vision for the girls and all you do to keep it alive and ever expanding. They have become my family in every sense of the word. I feel so blessed to have such an opportunity to serve them. In doing so, I was filled up as well!"
Darlene Dilley, Ukiah, California

"At Reveil Matinal, girls, often the second class citizens of the world, are safe, are loved, are educated and empowered. The force of love and intelligence shines in their faces. What a blessing it is to be a small part of something that is so life altering and far-reaching."
Nancy Watanabe, Healdsburg, California

"As soon as I stepped through the doors of the orphanage I saw the beautiful spirits of all 23 girls and was immediately absorbed into their family. Every time I leave Haiti, I count the days until I can go back."
Dominique Chevalier-Welch, Ukiah, California

"I arrived in Port-au-Prince one year to the day after the devastating 2010 earthquake, the effects of which were still very much in evidence. The girls of Reveil Matinal were shy upon seeing me for the first time and perhaps a little surprised that an American visitor could speak French. Before long they were enthusiastically including me in their fun, and they do know how to sing and dance and have fun! They are all sisters to one another—a large extended family of beautiful young ladies graciously navigating the difficult circumstances they were born into."
Marilynn Boosinger, Willits, California

"In August of 2013, I had the amazing experience of visiting the Reviel Matinal Girls Orphanage in Haiti. What a bright, beautiful, happy group of girls; I fell in love with everyone of them. It was wonderful to see how enough food, love and a safe place to live can transform a child. They transformed me. The girls are a beam of light in a very scary place."
Kathy Fisette, Potter Valley, California

"Being a volunteer for Hearthstone and RMOF was definitely a rewarding experience. My sister and I brought 2 guitars to Haiti and we spent countless hours teaching the children new songs and some of them even learned how to play a few guitar chords. The girls were extremely thankful for not only their home, but each other. They treat each other like sisters and they help build each other up. Their eagerness to learn and their passion for life was truly inspiring. I gained so much respect for the mommies who care for these lovely girls and teach them how to love God. I have no doubt that each of these girls will grow up to be an amazing woman. I feel privileged to have met them."
Joana Bay

"I was with the first non-medical team to visit the orphanage in Haiti. We painted, drew pictures, played games, did handicraft, danced, sang and laughed. Wherever we went we were met with gratitude for being witnesses to the loss and suffering. I have seen pictures and heard reports of the progress at RMOF from visiting volunteers—about the girls’ health and education, the stability of staff and program continuity. I promised the girls I would return and I will do so this year, Knowing that soul renewal awaits me."
Shauna Heiselt, Willits, California