The Health Clinic in El Cardonal, Baja California Sur

Tu Hogar en El Cardonal A.C. is a Mexican non-profit civil association that is in partnership with Hearthstone Village. Volunteers built and manage a community center which includes a public clinic and emergency shelter in the rural community of El Cardonal, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Activities and Objectives of Tu Hogar en El Cardonal AC

In October of 2011 Hearthstone Village and Tu Hogar en el Cardonal celebrated the Grand Opening of our Casa Communitaria/Community House in El Cardonal. After many years of community organizing, fundraising and volunteer labor our beautiful clinic and shelter opened to the public. Now the clinic is thriving and managed by the local community with Hearthstone Village taking a back seat role.

Hearthstone continues to have joint board meetings with ongoing projects to support the schools with book/library donations, watercolor painting classes, and supplementing transportation to the new high school in Los Barrilles. We are developing a team of first responders that can utilize our ambulance to care for the community in emergencies. The clinic is a safe public shelter during hurricanes with storage for emergency staples to serve when the community is cut off from the outside world. Our building is under improvement with gates, a pump house, playground, and a mural in process.

Tu Hogar and Hearthstone also have a community service project to help an impoverished family with a developmentally disabled child who has complicated special needs.

This is an adventure in cultural exchange and service. We are fundraising, building, and recruiting volunteers to help us begin other projects adjoining the clinic.

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