Welcome to Hearthstone Village

Hearthstone Village is based out of Mendocino County, California and it’s mission is based on volunteerism. The Blend of Mendocino County, Mexico, and Haiti have defined who we are as an organization.

Our volunteers are engaged in projects that involve frequent trips to Haiti and Mexico as well as organizing fundraisers throughout the year in Northern California. These include seasonal dinners, auctions and bake sales. These photos are of some the volunteers and board members contributing their time and energy to our projects.

Our volunteer handbook was written to prepare travelers for their trip to Haiti. Click here for the pdf.

Our Mission

The mission of Hearthstone Village is to develop and maintain home based intergenerational residential communities. Hearthstone Village is dedicated to giving service by creating a nurturing environment for individuals and families in need of care and support. Inspired by Rudolph Steiner’s model of human development and social organization, these villages seek to bring healing and balance to all who reside there.